Listening Room

"Inner Soundscapes"

The Listening Room emerged in 2007 and explores the ins and outs of creating acoustics. For its re-opening in 2020, Phonurgia Nova and the Cnap pay tribute to the artists who characterised previous prize lists in Arles, and the Cnap’s collaboration with France Culture: 14 sound artists take over this acoustic hub on the first floor of the museum, overlooking the Rhone.

Wherever they come from, irrespective of the world that fuelled them, whether theatre, radio, photography, music or visual arts, they’re all working here on recorded sound to capture reality and transform it. The array of airwaves covered is extensive: from portraying a real universe in constant motion (Sydney Harbour captured by the microphones of Sherry Delys and Russel Stapleton (Containers) to mind-blowing sound poetry by the Belgian surrealist artist ELG (Amiral Prose); from multi-faceted cooking by Hanna Hartman (Heat) to hummed childlike lullabies by Christophe Korn (Volkslied); from Bernadette Johnson’s quick flashes (6 Summer fragments) to the last breaths and words of a language condemned to silence (The Last Voice by Joaquin Cofreces); from encountering the supernatural (Forêt/ Cache/ Arbre by Alice Kudlak) to the physical extremes of cold and heat with Andreas Bick (Fire pattern, frost pattern).

Juxtaposed worlds come to life in this acoustic bubble where the most breath-taking acoustic initiatives reverberate. 14 soundscapes are connected by a common thread: the inner landscape. A call for poetic license par excellence… 

A programme created by Pascale Cassagnau (Cnap) and Marc Jacquin (Phonurgia Nova)

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Programme 2020

))) March
Christoph Korn, Volkslied, 2003 (Allemagne) 43’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection 

))) April
Hanna Hartman, Heat, 2019 (Suède) 27’ Listen
Sherre Delys et Russel Stapleton, Containers, 2001 (Australie) 15’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection

))) May
Joaquin Cofreces, The Last Voice, 2008 (Terre de feu) 7’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection
Lee Ranaldo et Leah Singer, Water days, 2009, (USA) 45'03 Listen
Cnap Collection

))) June
Bernadette Johnson, 6 Summer fragments, 2009 (Suisse) 5’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection
Laurie Anderson, Nothing in my pocketss, 2003, 2006, (USA) 63'13 and 69'32 Listen: part 1 - part 2
Cnap Collection

))) July
Biosphère (Geir Jenssen), Around the Moon, 2003, (Norvège) 48’48’’ Listen
Cnap Collection

))) August
Fabrice Osinski, The Tempest, 2017 (Belgique) 52’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection

))) September
Alice Kudlak, Forest/Hidden/Tree, 2018 (France) 111’ LIsten
Phonurgia nova Collection

))) October
Amiral Prose, 2018 (Belgique) 10 fois 5' Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection

))) November
Andréas Bick, Frost Pattern/Fire Pattern, 2006-2007 (Allemagne), 52’ Listen
Phonurgia nova Collection

))) December
Eddie Ladoire, Second Intimacy, 2015, (France) 20’ Listen
Marcelline Delbecq, If the Sun burns out, 2018, (France) 12’34’’ Listen
Cnap Collection