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July to December 2023 program

Since 1986, the Phonurgia Nova Awards, born on the banks of the Rhône in Arles, have contributed to the discovery and promotion of hundreds of new sound signatures.
At each edition, a different jury meets to choose between these explorers who advance sound as art and awards five prizes: Sound Art, Speech Archives, Sound Fiction, Soundscape.
The following program is about the 2022 edition.
The young authors gathered in this program tell the world with microphones. With even more lightness than cinema, their creations bear witness to the fact that sound can represent reality without resorting to the visual, in a subtle and complex way.

Juillet 2023
))) Pascale Brischoux, Évènements, 17’07, Cineke & ACSR (Belgium) Sound fiction Award 2022
It is a day of riot as we have known, and as we could know. A sweltering city with no wind and people gather towards the port...

Août 2023
))) Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van der Wee, Obscuur, 17’37, ACSR (Belgique) Pierre Schaeffer discovery Prize 2022
Beneath the surface there is a world of hidden sounds. How can we bring it to the surface? In these hidden spaces, if you listen carefully, you can hear the rhythms and flows of the city resonate.

Septembre 2023
))) Lisa Mark, JA (NEIN). NEIN., 4’57, autoproduction (Switzerland) Sound Art Award mention 2022
Sometimes it’s not easy to say no. Sometimes it’s easier to say yes. Sometimes we don’t know what we are saying yes to. Or we know what we are saying yes to, but we can no longer say no when it goes beyond what we have agreed. It is not easy!

))) Daniel Martin-Borret, J’arrive pas, 7’57, Self production (France) Sound fiction Award mention 2022
Can we say everything? Yes ? So, it’s ok...

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Pêche aux sons, Vaccarès © Félix Blume, coll. Phonurgia nova


Octobre 2023

))) Antoine RichardLà où se rejoignent les rivières, 56’, MA scène nationale (France) Speech Archives Award mention 2022
This radio essay is halfway between documentary and fiction. It has its source in Montbéliard, a city in which a large number of rivers have been diverted, buried, channeled...

Novembre 2023
))) Anne-Julie Rollet & Anne-Laure PigacheEspace Ici, 35’, Les Harmoniques du Néon (France) Speech Archives Award 2022
This piece is the result of a residency in a retirement home in Joyeuse, Ardèche. The two authors have set up a studio there that is dedicated to listening, recording and sound creation. They walked in the corridors, in the rooms, seeking to the speech.

Décembre 2023
))) Eleanor McDowall & Michael SegalovTime flies, 27’36, Falling Tree (Great Britain) Speech Archives Award nominated 2022
For over 30 years the Piekarski brothers have dedicated every minute of their lives to building and maintaining Cuckooland - the world’s largest collection of antique cuckoo clocks in Cheshire.
In Time Flies, the Piekarskis open the doors to Cuckooland, but this visit takes a different direction from the usual tour. Steeped in nostalgia, the clocks connect them to people and places that are now far away.