The association

An association to accompany the museum

For the museum’s reputation to continue to flourish, there was an obvious need to engage the public more directly. With that in mind, “Avec le Rhone en vis-à-vis" was created in the summer of 2005. Working closely with the curator team, the Museum Friends and Partner Businesses association was set up to to help foster and publicise arts projects, and so cultivate this inspiring and multi-facetted museum.

The association takes an active part in the cultural life of the museum, organising visits, encounters and conferences. It contributes to the growth of museum collections and the restoration of certain works. It also has a role in the Grand-Prieuré rehabilitation and extension project, as well as sponsoring the creation of a network of active involvement among businesses, at local, regional and national level.

By joining, you can help the museum thrive and develop, and you'll benefit from the following advantages:

- special previews of all exhibitions held at the Réattu Museum, private visits and opportunities to meet exhibiting artists
- a regular copy of Carte de visites" by post or email, detailing the association's special programme of activities, such as visits to other museums and conferences.

-  free entry to the museum, including special exhibitions) and a 10% discount on purchases in the museum boutique

-  tax concessions available under the sponsorship law (tax reduction of 66% on voluntary donations, limited to 20% of taxable income)

The association currently has around 150 members.

Avec le Rhône en vis-à-vis

Annual membership : 25 euros per person / 35 euros for couples
"Avec le Rhône en vis-à-vis - Les amis et entreprises partenaires du musée Réattu , Arles"
Registered headquarters : Commanderie Sainte-Luce, rue du Grand Prieuré - 13 200 Arles
Address :   16 rue Dieudonné - 13200 Arles