A magnetic place

Standing on the bend of the mighty Rhone, at the exact point on the map where the direction of the current meets the Cardo of the antique city, the late 15th century Grand Priory of the Order of Malta is an extremely magnetic spot.
It is quite obvious that its site was precisely chosen, at the point where the river Rhone bends abruptly before heading straight towards the sea. It has a unique outlook, which enhances the impression created by its orientation.  Emphatically at an angle, it faces the current, which explains why we have such a strong impression of being on a ship at anchor when we enter.
The fact that it is north-facing only serves to sharpen the dimension of a landscape whose elements - the intense light of the sky, the tumult of the current, the force of the wind that blows its strongest here - have been a constant source of inspiration to all who have reflected in this place, lived in it, strode through it and added to it.
This is the setting, itself a dedication to the river, from which the museum takes its history and is guided in its future development. Entrenched in the spirit of the place, the building can claim to be the first piece in the museum's collection.

meeting point of the Rhone and the ancient Cardo