New presentation of the collections

1O years of acquisitions - Part 2

October, 19 – Decembrer,29

The Réattu Museum's mission is to preserve, study and share its collections. Passionately supporting contemporary artistic practices, it is also a place of creation in perpetual effervescence where many artists meet. Their works stop there for an exhibition, a temporary hanging, and it is from their sometimes explosive encounters with the museum that were born, in large part, recent acquisitions.

All these works have been the subject of profound reflection on their interest in the History of art. They also need to interact in a meaningful way with historical collections and, above all, vibrate in tune with the "spirit of the place", this subtle blend of architecture, landscape and reinvented stories that is the singularity and poetry of the Réattu.

After a first chapter devoted to photography, the museum continues to explore its collections by reviewing the major acquisitions of drawings,engravings and prints that have punctuated the last ten years.
Territories of free expression or natural extensions of the work of painter, sculptor or designer, drawing and engraving are often the most personal part of the work of artists, who regularly choose the museum to preserve their funds and transmit them to the greatest number. This is why important graphic assemblies of artists linked to the history of the museum have joined the collections in recent years, perpetuating the taste for contemporary drawing transmitted in the early 1970s by Picasso. 

Between 2009 and 2019, the museum benefited from large donations, which the hanging reflects through a selection of engravings by Jacques Clauzel, drawings by Evelyn Ortlieb, paintings and (indissociable) engravings by Germaine Pratsevall ... Deposits also echo the permanent collections, such as the 67 drawings of Christian Lacroix's haute couture dresses, delicate and fragile works of which a selection has emerged from the reserves for the occasion.

Evelyn Ortlieb (1925-2008), Sans titre, pastel gras sur papier kraft, 1999, donation 2011