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february and march 2023 program - Soundscape Award 2022

Since 1986, the Phonurgia Nova Awards, born on the banks of the Rhône in Arles, have contributed to the discovery and promotion of hundreds of new sound authors. At each edition, a jury decides between these explorers who use sound as art. All innovative approaches are listened to, weighed and evaluated in a wide spectrum of expression: radio documentaries, sound fiction, landscapes captured or created from scratch or even devices re-combining images and sounds.

Since 2020, the Soundscape Prize are endowed by the Réattu museum, which also acquires the works of the award-winning artists: Pablo Sanz in 2020, Tom Fisher in 2021. Thus the museum's sound art collection is growing in the same way as the other artistic forms exposed.

In 2022, the Soundscape prize was awarded to Iga Vandenhove, for her piece Las voces del bosque Madidi, 23’39, self-production (France)

In the Madidi National Park in the Bolivian Amazon, the voices of the forest mingle with the rounds of forest rangers. Between drone and swarm of bees, squirrel cry and motorized canoe, vocalizations of frogs and tangled melodic voices, the worlds merge. The sound piece offers a plastic exploration of an inhabited nature in a country where beyond being a landscape or a resource, it is recognized as a subject of law.

Multimedia artist, documentary filmmaker and graphic designer, Iga Vandenhove relies on sound and visual polysemy to question the role played by our imaginations in the apprehension of our environment.

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Iga Vandenhove, Las voces del bosque Madidi